Terms of Service

NOTE: This Agreement includes an arbitration clause, limits of liability and corrective measures.

This license agreement ("agreement") describes the terms and conditions which PmtaAutoinstaller, ("PmtaAutoinstaller" or "CV") provides a license to use his software to you ("you" or "customer") and to individual users identified by you as authorized to use the service ("authorized users").

By purchasing our software, you accept all our terms of use, you acknowledge that you have read it and agree to be bound by it.

  1. Licence. Subject to the terms and conditions of this contract, PmtaAutoinstaller grants you and your authorized users an exclusive right to use the software of the flight commander.
  2. Term. This limited license automatically terminates when your subscription/credit to use the PmtaAutoinstaller software terminates. PmtaAutoinstaller may terminate your license to use PmtaAutoinstaller's software if you or your authorized users violate the terms and conditions of this agreement or the PmtaAutoinstaller privacy policy. PmtaAutoinstaller reserves the right to terminate access to the free version of PmtaAutoinstaller's software at any time and for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Legal Ordinance. In the case where PmtaAutoinstaller is prevented from providing any or all of the Software is required to grant access to unencrypted information by any law, regulation or decision, whatever form, Or if an opinion from a governmental entity, a department or an agency indicates that the service cannot be provided, PmtaAutoinstaller can immediately discontinue providing the PmtaAutoinstaller software without any liability whatsoever. PmtaAutoinstaller is not required to request a waiver of a law, rule, regulation or restriction, or to request judicial review or appeal of a judicial order.
  4. Restrictions on use. You agree not to carry out reverse engineering, décompiler, copy or désassembler the PmtaAutoinstaller software except and only to the extent that this activity is expressly authorized by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation. You may not modify or create derivative works based on the PmtaAutoinstaller software in whole or in part. You must not resell, rent, rent, transfer, sublet or transfer the rights to PmtaAutoinstaller's software. You should not use PmtaAutoinstaller to conduct a competitive analysis. You should not create more than one free account. You should not attempt to interfere with PmtaAutoinstaller's software. Any use in violation of this section immediately terminates your license to use the PmtaAutoinstaller software.
  5. Account control and passwords. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your use of your account and software by your authorized users. You and your authorized users are fully responsible for control and/or access to your account, including limiting access to passwords used to access your account. You agree to take all reasonable precautions to protect your password and those of your authorized users. You agree to inform PmtaAutoinstaller immediately if you discover or believe that your account or password has been compromised. PmtaAutoinstaller assumes no liability to you or any third party for your inability to prevent unauthorized access or use of your account.
  6. Payment charged in advance is not refundable. There will be no refund or credit for partial service or refunds made due to digital nature of our software. No exceptions will be made.
  7. Authorized use. You and your Authorized Users will use PmtaAutoinstaller's software only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy and will not use it in such a way as to degrade the performance or availability of PmtaAutoinstaller software.
  8. Acceptable use. You agree, on your behalf and that of your Authorized Users, that you will not use the PmtaAutoinstaller software for personnal use, you don't have right to hire it or use it for a commercial purpose. If you do so, your licence will be immediately suspended without any prior warning.
  9. Intellectual property. You agree that no intellectual property title in the PmtaAutoinstaller software or license keys is transferred to you. Title, ownership, rights and intellectual property rights in the PmtaAutoinstaller software and license keys must remain in the licensors of PmtaAutoinstaller and/or PmtaAutoinstaller. PmtaAutoinstaller's software and license keys are protected by the intellectual property laws of France and other countries and by international treaties
  10. Forums and blogs online. We can from time to time host display tables, forums, blogs or other public display areas ("Forums"). The information and opinions expressed in these Forums are not necessarily ours, and we do not make any representations or warranties about them. Nor do we assume the obligation to monitor these forums or to delete or modify messages. However, we reserve the right to delete, move or modify messages that we consider to be illegal or inappropriate. In particular, you should not submit or otherwise disseminate through such forums something that defames, defames, invades privacy or even obscene, pornographic, abusive or threatening, violates any law, promotes any illegal activity, announces products or services, seeks funds or violates any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity, including, but without se, limit, violation of the right of everyone to privacy or advertising.
    1. Licensing for the content displayed. If you publish content or send material, and unless otherwise indicated, you grant PmtaAutoinstaller and its affiliates an exclusive right, royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable and totally licenciable to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate or create derivative works Distribute and display this content throughout the world in the world in the world in all the media. You grant PmtaAutoinstaller and its affiliates and the sub-licensees the right to use the name you submit in relation to this content, if they choose
    2. How to notify PmtaAutoinstaller if you think your copyright has been violated. If you believe that your work has been copied in a manner that constitutes a violation of copyright, please provide the copyright agent of PmtaAutoinstaller with the written information specified below. Please note that this procedure is exclusively intended to inform PmtaAutoinstaller and its affiliates that your copyright has been violated.
      • An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the interest on copyright
      • A description of the copyrighted work that you declare to have been violated
      • A description of the place where the material you claim to be counterfeit is located on the site
      • Your address, telephone number and e-mail address
      • A statement by you that you have a belief in good faith that the contested use is not authorized by the owner of the copyright, his agent or the law
      • A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your opinion is correct and that you are the owner of the copyright or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder
  11. Compensation. You will be required to defend, indemnify and dispose of any claim, damage, loss or expense by PmtaAutoinstaller, its employees, officers, directors and agents, as well as the suppliers, successors, affiliates, agents and assigns of PmtaAutoinstaller ("Parties Compensation") including, without limitation, the fees and fees of counsel incurred by any compensation party in respect of all claims, prosecutions, judgments and cases of action: (i) for infringement of patents or other property rights arising from the combination or use of a device, In relation to the PmtaAutoinstaller software (or part thereof); (ii) for defamation, slander, defamation or infringement of copyright or any other intellectual or property rights in respect of material transmitted by you using PmtaAutoinstaller's software regarding a breach of any of the conditions set out in this Agreement; injuries, deaths, material damage or economic damage resulting from your use or inability to use
  12. Non-exclusive remedies. Any remedy submitted here to PmtaAutoinstaller shall not be construed as precluding any other remedy provided herein or as provided by law or equity, but all such remedies must be cumulative. In the event that this agreement is terminated by PmtaAutoinstaller for your offence, you will have to pay PmtaAutoinstaller all counsel fees, collection fees and related expenses, spent or incurred by PmtaAutoinstaller in the performance of any right or privilege below (including, but Transportation costs, express fees, and postal fees, paid investigators fees and reasonable remuneration for time for employees, agents and representatives of PmtaAutoinstaller)
  13. Privacy. You report and warrant to PmtaAutoinstaller that you have submitted this Agreement only after reading the privacy Policy, understanding it and agreeing to be bound by its terms and conditions
  14. Exemption from warranty. PmtaAutoinstaller the software is provided "as is" and "when available" without warranty of any kind. PmtaAutoinstaller does not provide any warranty of any kind, oral or written. you acknowledge that the quality and performance of the software is with you. if the defective software, you (and not PmtaAutoinstaller or any developer check or licensor) assume the total cost of all costs or damages borne by you. PmtaAutoinstaller does not guarantee that you will have or enjoy free use without interruption or error or the operation of the software, that the data sent by or to you will be transmitted without corruption or within a reasonable or defined time limit, or that the software will be derailed or avoid any incidents or the consequences of it that the software is designed to detect and/or prevent. all guarantees, guarantees and conditions for adaptation to a particular use, market value and/or any guarantee, express or implied, including, without limitation, any guarantee of title or non-infringement and any implied representation, a course of treatment, use or commercial conduct is excluded. furthermore, the service does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability or safety of the results obtained by the use of the software or any data or information downloaded, sent, received or otherwise obtained or acquired by the use of the service. You acknowledge that any data or information downloaded or obtained, received or submitted by the use of the software is at your own risk and discretion and that the PmtaAutoinstaller will not be liable for any damage or damage to you or your property (including data, e-mail, personal computer equipment or storage media)
  15. Limitation of appeal. notwithstanding any provision contrary to these, the only remedy for loss or damage caused by the partial or total failure or malfunction of the email software, or in case of delay or failure of the service or violation by PmtaAutoinstaller of its privacy policy, whatever the form of action, whether it be a contract, a crime (including negligence or serious negligence), strict or otherwise liability, notwithstanding any contrary provision of these, exceeds one euro (€ 1,00). PmtaAutoinstaller are not responsible to you or any party requesting by or by you for the accuracy, security, timeliness, completeness or availability of the software and/or its components, including the use of mission-critical or emergency communications or of unauthorized or unauthorized access to or interception of any communication or other non-public information.
  16. Assignment and delegation. PmtaAutoinstaller may assign this Agreement without prior notice or prior approval from you. However, you may not assign this Agreement or any of your rights under this Agreement. PmtaAutoinstaller may carry out all obligations to be fulfilled under this Agreement directly or may have certain or all obligations assumed by its subcontractors or subcontractors
  17. Notice/Online publication of general changes.
    1. Notices to you will be sent by e-mail on the basis of information provided by you during the account registration process, unless you have informed the Commanding Officer if any changes are made.
    2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, or whatever is contained herein, PmtaAutoinstaller may modify, revise, modify, replace the requirements of the system and interoperability standards, acceptable Use provisions or any other general policy applicable to all end users at any time, and in any way, including by posting notice of any change or modification, etc. PmtaAutoinstaller software website or by e-mail. The use of PmtaAutoinstaller's software after sending such an opinion constitutes acceptance of the amended terms
  18. Force majeure. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, none of the parties shall be deemed, in the event of failure to comply with the Agreement, to fail to fulfil its obligations due to independent causes of its reasonable control.